Gina Rodriguez stars in the TV series Jane the Virgin.
Gina Rodriguez stars in the TV series Jane the Virgin.

TV Insider: Escape the holidays with Jane the Virgin

WELCOME to the annual experience of the stress-inducing "holiday'' that is the Christmas break.

You've knocked off for the year (if you're lucky), the sun is shining (we hope) and you've got the perfect gift for everyone on your list (don't worry, there's still time).

Yeah, we know the silly season almost never looks like that.

There's the grocery shopping, the terrible parties you're obligated to attend and the mathematical challenge that is planning the Christmas Day lunch and dinner schedule.

And don't forget the inescapable carols and snowflake cut-outs that shopping centres deem appropriate for our summer silly season - the same centres where most of us get stuck in crowds that would make Santa himself want to have a drink with Scrooge.

Well, there's an escape out there for you and her name is Jane.

Jane the Virgin is my latest binge-watching comedy escape and it's one worth adding to your holiday TV line-up.

Its unbelievable plots of kidnapping, crime lords and accidental insemination are a perfect 45-minute reprieve from real life.

The show is a parody of the melodramatic Spanish telenovelas, and it revels in it.

Jane, played by an always-excellent Gina Rodriguez, is a young woman in Miami who has made a vow not to have sex before marriage as a sign of respect to her devoutly religious grandmother.

So when Jane's gynaecologist accidentally impregnates her with her boss's baby, things get a little complex.

I won't give away any more for those who haven't watched it yet.

It's worth launching into the show (helpfully accompanied by a self-aware narrator) without knowing the extravagant directions the plot will take you.

Alongside the craziness is an underlying plot of family love and loyalty, especially between the three Villanueva women.

It's their relationship that makes the show sing, and might account for its passionate audience of female viewers. Every woman I talk to about the show adores it.

Seasons one and two of Jane the Virgin are now streaming on Netflix. Season three is now showing on Fox8 on Tuesdays at 7.30pm.