Two die as Boeing 777 crashes in San Francisco

TWO people have died and another 10 are in a critical condition after a plane crashed at the San Francisco International Airport.

The Asiana Flight travelling from Seoul, Korea, crashed about 11:26am local time on Sunday. 7/7

The Boeing 777 crashed onto the airport runway before bursting into flames.

Fire-fighting officials told media there were 306 people on board the passenger flight and two people had died.

It's understood about 33 people were transported to various hospitals in the area.

San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White also confirmed the investigation was turned over to the FBI and terrorism was ruled out.

A witness told CNN the plane crashed on the end of the runway.

"We thought that it was going to maybe be ok and it was going to come in for a hard landing," Jennifer Sorgen said.

"All of the sudden it did a 360, landed back up right and it just started.

"There was a fire and lots of smoke."

The San Francisco Chronicle reported 60 people were unaccounted for on the flight but fire officials said they were not presumed dead.

Asiana Airlines tweeted on Sunday: "Our thoughts and prayers are with all the passengers and flight crew on the flight. We hope to provide you with further information (sic) ASAP."

The airline also issued a press release stating it was investigating the cause of the crash.

"Asiana Airlines is currently investigating the specific cause of the incident as well as any injuries that may have been sustained to passengers as a result," the release stated.

"Asiana Airlines will continue to cooperate fully with the investigation of all associated government agencies and to facilitate this cooperation has established an emergency response centre at its headquarters."