NO ENTRY: Jed Gadsby was denied from Brisbane night clubs because of his mullet credit: ACA
NO ENTRY: Jed Gadsby was denied from Brisbane night clubs because of his mullet credit: ACA

‘Un-Australian’: Jed hits back at nightclub’s mullet ban

THE only crime Rockhampton man Jed Gadsby could be accused of breaking on his night out in Brisbane is a crime against hair fashion but Fortitude Valley night clubs treated him far more severely.

Forget drunk and disorderly, security guards were more concerned about the contraband on the back of Jed's head- his mullet- and he was refused entry because the hair style broke the dress code.

Jed wrote to A Current Affair disappointed with the Fortitude Valley night clubs' "un-Australian" dress code.

"I love my hair and I don't want to cut it off just to go have a night out with my friends," Jed wrote to ACA.

Retro's Fortitude Valley was the first venue to deny him entry, followed by other clubs along the Brunswick St nightclub strip on December 6.

He was visiting Brisbane to celebrate his girlfriend's brother's birthday and wasn't drunk when he attempted to enter the clubs.

"I have a very clean record with police, not even a speeding fine," he wrote.

Dressed "quite nice" in "long formal pants" and a clean shirt, Jed stood outside the clubs in disbelief he could be rejected because of a haircut.

"I didn't think I would have an issue but I was wrong," he said.

"I just thought it was ridiculous."

While the hairstyle doesn't make the cut in Brisbane venues, in Rockhampton, business managers are saving mullets from the chop.

The Dizzy Steer is showing their support for the hairstyle by offering a free sausage roll to anyone with a mullet when they purchase their first drink at their techno night on Saturday.

Denying Jed entry because of his mullet was "absolutely disgusting", according to a post on The Dizzy Steer Facebook Page.

45 East manager Mark Greenan said mullets weren't banned by the dress code at their establishment.

"As long as you're wearing clothes you're free to come in," Mr Greenan said.

Despite not being able to "pull off" a mullet, he said those lucky enough to suit the 'do were welcome to share their hairstyle tips at the venue.

Mullets also have the green light at the Giddy Goat and The Criterion Hotel.

Jed has signed a contract with Channel 9 which prevents him from being interviewed.