St Patrick's girls rugby union junior team from last year.
St Patrick's girls rugby union junior team from last year.

Underdogs could cause upset in Gympie school rugby today

RUGBY UNION: Traditionally, one of the strong schools in Gympie, St Patrick's College has a tough battle against Victory College in its season opening Gympie high school rugby union school game this afternoon.

The St Patrick Open side has only lost twice against underdogs Victory in six years, and will be looking to continue its dominance in the 10-aside contest being played at Jack Stokes oval from 6pm.

Despite sporting the underdog label, Victory has a strong side this year which could cause an upset and topple St Patrick's.

"Victory are looking good,” 2018 St Patrick's rugby coach and Gympie Hammers president Jason McPherson said.

"They scored some very good tries against James Nash two weeks ago.

"They were good tries; the players ran the length of the field.”

Rugby Union Old Fellas - Jason McPherson from Gympie
Rugby Union Old Fellas - Jason McPherson from Gympie Leeroy Todd

Historically, James Hash and St Patrick's have been the two strong union schools, which has led to some passionate but good natured rivalry.

"Through the years of union, someone had to be king pin,” McPherson said.

"Nash has held the upper hand and had good numbers of players and ex-Hammer players who were coaching to entrench union in the school.

"St Patrick's have new teachers that have brought new skills.”

This is the St Patrick's Open boys first game of the season and their coach Patrick Anstock said today's game would be a good way to blow out the cobwebs.

McPherson said there were a lot of enthusiastic players.

"They will go well,” he said. "There are good skills being shown at training and the coaches are happy with what they are seeing.

"There are a lot of enthusiastic children playing union for the first time and will feel a bit lost but they will get used to it.”

There will be five games at Jack Stokes today starting from 4pm (U13 boys, U14 girls, U15 boys, U16 girls). The main game will kick-off at 6pm.