Anthony Davis of the Kentucky Wildcats
Anthony Davis of the Kentucky Wildcats Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Unibrow is hair to stay

LEBRON James is already a superstar in the NBA.

Is there room for LeBrow?

Well, teenage sensation Anthony Davis reckons there is.

Davis, the No.1 draft pick signed by the New Orleans Hornets, hopes to make the headlines, and cash in, on his ... eyebrow.

It's not just any eyebrow.

The 19-year-old, ruled out of the Olympics yesterday after severely spraining his ankle, has one immense monobrow and he got lawyers to trademark it last month.

The fame of the caterpillar over his eyes grew while he was playing at the University of Kentucky when retailers tried to cash in by selling Brow-related merchandise without his approval.

He doesn't want that to happen now he's turned professional.

Davis is completely serious, or as serious as anyone who looks like Bert from Sesame Street can be.

Not only did Team Davis trademark the, um, hairstyle, they also trademarked a handful of phrases, including 'Fear the Brow' and 'Raise the Brow'.

"My parents and agent came to me with the idea about the trademark and I thought it was a great idea," Davis said.

"Seems there's no point in the other guys making money off what's yours."