Unionists will protest at Andrew Wallace's campaign launch today.
Unionists will protest at Andrew Wallace's campaign launch today. Warren Lynam

Unionists to confont MP, Michaelia Cash over 'failures'

UNIONISTS will confront LNP Senator Michaelia Cash and Fisher MP Andrew Wallace today over the party's broken industrial relation policies, low wages and insecure work.

Electricial Trades Union state secretary Peter Ong will be among those who will be attending today to challenge Senator Cash and Mr Wallace about their abject failures to represent the interests of ordinary working people. 

"Our union family is angry and frustrated with the LNP's continued attacks on working people and their wages, their job security and their quality of life," he said.

The illusive Senator Cash who has been in hiding following her failed attempts to demonise unions is the poster girl of the right who want to deny working people fair representation and rights at work.

"For the last six years working people have gone backwards and they want answers, they have had enough of the trickle-down failures of this Federal Government, they know the rules are broken, this government is in chaos and our supporters want to send a message, they will be campaigning hard to change the rules."

Mr Wallace's campaign launch will be held at 1.30pm today.