A man has been arrested after allegedly ramming a police car.
A man has been arrested after allegedly ramming a police car.

UPDATE: Alleged firebug in hospital

A MAN remains in hospital under police guard after two officers were forced to fire shots at a vehicle in relation to an alleged arson incident.

A chopper pilot alerted police to a disturbance at Palm Grove about 3 pm yesterday, after allegedly spotting a man deliberately lighting fires near Cedar Creek Falls.

A crime scene has been declared, and the matter is being investigated by the Ethical Standards Command, with oversight from the Crime and Corruption Commission.

Queensland Fire and Emergency services attended to the fires on Wednesday, with two crews being dispatched to quell the flames.

Busy Bees Plants and Palms owner Becky said she didn't notice anything, until she saw a police car with lights and sirens flying up the road. 

Becky said after that, she noticed a lot of black smoke around, that looked as if it was coming from Cedar Creek.

When police located the man, he allegedly rammed his vehicle into their car.

Both police officers then fired shots at the man's car, and he was subsequently arrested.

The man, and both police were taken to Proserpine Hospital, and were being treated for injuries sustained due to the collision.