Strippers at Central Lane, Gladstone.

Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer
Strippers at Central Lane, Gladstone. Photo Brenda Strong / The Observer Brenda Strong

Sex trade's bottom line hit by mining downturn

ESCORT Zara Foxx has been coming to Gladstone to cash in on loveless FIFO workers for six years.

During the boom she entertained up to eight clients a day at a going rate of $300 an hour.

But with the bottom falling out of the mining boom, Ms Foxx said she has started to feel the pinch.

Although Ms Foxx hasn't dropped her prices, when she last visited Gladstone in January she said she was lucky to get three to four clients a day.

"But sometimes you might not get one job in a day," she said.

The self-described buxom blonde said the escort industry was down across the entire state and mirrored the downturn in the resources sector.

"The big money just isn't there any more," she said.

"We're in a bit of a recession."

Despite having a steady flow of local regular customers, since the bust and mass exodus of FIFO workers from Curtis Island Ms Foxx said work had significantly declined in Gladstone.

Not wishing to go back to a regular nine to five job and having worked the circuit for 11 years, Ms Foxx said the downturn has forced her to work harder and travel to remote places "where other girls won't go".

"I've been travelling for two weeks and then I'll have ten days off and start again," she said.

"It's not like you can say: 'I'll go to Gladstone and clean up'.

"There's no magic place to go," she said.

Ms Foxx used to fly-in and fly-out to construction hotspots all over the country and up until 12 months ago she owned an apartment in Mackay that she used for work.

"There used be more international money around and then the mining boom started," she said.

But now Ms Foxx hits the bitumen in her car and travels to places such as Port Headland in Western Australia, Roma, Gladstone and Mackay.

Despite the decline Ms Foxx said the industry hasn't got so bad that she's had to anything she hasn't wanted to.

"It's down but the industry is always going to be there," she said.

"I love my job and I'll keep going but I'll just have to work harder."

Ms Foxx will arrive in Gladstone on Tuesday and will stay for three days.


EVEN with the downturn in Gladstone, escort Zara Foxx is on a "regional tour" of Queensland.

With the number of cashed up workers in town dwindling, you'd think Ms Foxx would bypass Gladstone and take her services elsewhere.

But on Twitter Ms Foxx posted saying she was in Roma and heading to Gladstone on Thursday.

Maybe the profession is recession-proof but we will try to speak with Ms Foxx today to see what business is like and whether she thinks Gladstone will be worth it in terms of putting money in her back pocket.