UPDATE: GYMPIE pilot Chris de Vere and another man who were travelling in a light plane that crash landed near Kandanga earlier this afternoon have both been taken to hospital with non life threatening injuries.

The sturdiness of the aircraft's cockpit is believed to have saved their lives.

One of the men has been treated for shock, contusions and abrasions to his body, and the other other man for a possible broken left leg and multiple contusions. Both men will be checked for possible spinal injuries as well.

The plane was attempting to land on an air strip on the private property, Melawondi Station, near Kandanga and Imbil, when it clipped a nearby fence and speared into the side of a hill, receiving significant damage from the impact.



Chris De Vere and his decimated pasture at Melawondi that has been eaten out by lawn grubs or army worms.
Chris De Vere at his Melawondi property in happier times. Craig Warhurst


Emergency workers said the cockpit appeared to be more or less "intact", its sturdiness responsible for sparing the two men on board from possibly fatal injuries.

Neighbours and the Kenilworth First Responders team were first on the scene. These were soon joined by three ambulance crews, two fire fighting crews, a rural fire fighting crew and police.

Both men are reported to be middle aged and traveled to Gympie Hospital in a stable condition.


A PLANE is believed to have crash landed in the Mary Valley near Kandanga and Imbil.

Emergency services are on the scene and early reports indicate nobody has been seriously injured and that the two people travelling in the plane were able to escape the craft with only minor injuries.

It is unsure why the plane was forced to crash land or how damaged the aircraft is, or indeed exactly whaat kind of aircraft it is.

The plane is believed to have landed on Melawondi Station which is located on Melawondi Rd, between Kandange and Imbil.

More information as it comes to hand.