Gympie's Library is undergoing renovations for the next few weeks.
Gympie's Library is undergoing renovations for the next few weeks. Scott Kovacevic

Upgrades under way for Library

THE GYMPIE Regional Library is undergoing an extensive revamp including asbestos removal, landscaping and a new coat of paint on the exterior of the building.

While there will be some minor inconveniences to pedestrian traffic and short-term parking while the work is ongoing, Client Services Librarian Geoff Barlow said the work should not interfere with patrons accessing the facility.

"There shouldn't be any real disruptions,” Mr Barlow said.

"There might just be a redirection of of foot traffic.”

Expected to last for about three weeks, the work is part of the 2015/16 budget, which allocated $30,000 for the renovations to take place.

The library has been in its current location for almost two decades, and the renovations will mark the first major improvements to the building's facade in that time.

According to Gympie Regional Council mayor Mick Curran there has been an increasing amount of work needed to maintain the current building to a professional standard.

"Whilst Council acknowledges the library's master plan will see the library move to a new location in the future, it is envisaged that the current building will be reused for other Council purposes, and this refurbishment work is much needed.

"Council has engaged asbestos experts to organise and action the safe asbestos removal from the façade and there is no health risk to any of our residents or staff.”