A man will remain behind bars for the bloody assault of another man in his own home.
A man will remain behind bars for the bloody assault of another man in his own home. Contributed

Vacuum pipe used as weapon in bloody fit of rage

A MAN bashed another with a metal vacuum pipe then stomped his bloodied body while in a fit of rage.

Joeli Tiko Hazelman told the Maroochydore Magistrates Court he was not violent and was a "different man" after he found faith in prison as he awaited sentence for this assault and eight other offences.

Police prosecutor Leonie Scott yesterday told Maroochydore Magistrates Court Hazelman attacked the man in his victim's Maroochydore home on September 4 last year.

Sergeant Scott said once the man was beaten to the ground, Hazelman repeatedly stomped his back. The victim suffered a fractured eye socket, two broken ribs and cuts to his face.

Defence lawyer Matthew Cooper said Hazelman admitted he beat the man with the hollow pole after a close friend claimed the man had sexually assaulted her.

Hazelman told Magistrate Maxine Baldwin he did not stomp the man once he was on the ground, but had invited the woman to "come do what she had to get it out of her system".

"That's even worse," Magistrate Baldwin responded.

Hazelman pleaded guilty to the attack and less-serious offences he committed between February and September last year while he was addicted to methamphetamine.

Sgt Scott told the court in May, Hazelman lost his temper and caused $1850 damage at a Margate store when he returned to collect a backpack he had permission to leave there.

An employee advised he had handed Hazelman's backpack into police and Hazelman began to threaten and abuse him while throwing display cabinets.

He was also charged with two fuel drive-offs worth about $40 total, a public nuisance and twice obstructing police, including in September when he jumped out a window in an attempt to avoid arrest.

Magistrate Baldwin spoke with Hazelman directly for about 10 minutes to determine what had made Hazelman turn into a "monster" in 2012, when his criminal offending began.

"When you're finding yourself... assaulting someone with a vacuum cleaner, is there anything at all saying, 'this is wrong, this is a human being I am attacking'?" she asked.

Hazelman replied, "definitely, I am a man of conscience" and told the court he had no history of violence.

He told the court he became hooked on methamphetamine in an attempt to mask the pain he felt after he separated from his fiance and lost contact with his children.

Magistrate Baldwin sentenced Hazelman to two years' jail for the armed assault with parole release on May 22, after he had served eight months.

Hazelman also received three wholly-suspended prison sentences which included six months for the damage to the store, 12 months for the assault on the employee and one month for obstructing police.