Gambaro Hotel manager Frank Gambaro
Gambaro Hotel manager Frank Gambaro

Venues shut early to beat scanner laws

VENUES throughout Queensland have declared they will close their doors early because of the financial impost of the compulsory ID scanners due to start this weekend.

Led by Gambaro Hotel, venues are cutting their liquor licenses from 3am to midnight in order to avoid having to install a scanner. It comes as venues less than 400m apart are subject to different laws because of the Safe Night Precinct catchment area.

Rockhampton publican Leigh Turnbull said he had applied to have his venue, The Criterion Hotel, exempt from the Safe Night Precinct but was unsuccessful.

"They (pubs outside of the SNP area) can trade 10am-2am every night of the week without scanners, where as we are forced to have ID scanners if we want to open that late because we're in the precinct," Mr Turnbull said.

Gambaro Hotel manager Frank Gambaro said the State Government had not fully calculated the impact of introducing compulsory ID scanners on all venues, with one scanner costing $5200 a year to rent.