VICTORY COLLEGE: Teacher Geoff Young in the new science building.
VICTORY COLLEGE: Teacher Geoff Young in the new science building. Tanya Easterby

Victory College’s new state-of-the-art science centre

STUDENTS at Victory College could be forgiven for mistaking their school for a university campus when they walk into their new, state-of-the-art science centre next year.

Three fully functional labs, loaded with the latest equipment including a fume hood and overhead projectors, were officially opened yesterday by Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss.

The chemistry, physics and biochemistry labs will be part of students' learning lives from the beginning of next year.

However deputy principal and science teacher Kate Lillington said it would be difficult to keep eager students, and their teachers, from using the new facilities early.

"We've been planning a science building for a long time," she said yesterday.

Ms Lillington said the idea of a science lab was brought to the Victory College table six years ago, however the school had been waiting to find a design that suited its needs.

She said Maryborough-based Keystone Builders offered the perfect design.

Construction of the building took six months and the building now proudly faces Old Maryborough Rd.

Ms Lillington said the building not only catered for students' hands-on learning needs, but allowed the school to grow and keep up with a double-digit increase in enrolments for 2014.

While the school had been utilising science classrooms, the new science centre was a much-anticipated and more specialised addition to the campus.

Science teacher Geoff Young said the prospect of teaching from the labs in 2014 was exciting.

The science centre is one of several new projects the school has in mind.

Ms Lillington said next on the list would be four new primary school classrooms, to help cater for the school's growing numbers.