Look who walked into the shot...
Look who walked into the shot...

VIDEO: After seven years, platypus ambles into the set

A FILMMAKER who has been trying to capture the notoriously shy platypus for seven years has finally struck gold with some extraordinary footage.

Max Moller  was  shooting with his assistant in bushland just outside Hobart, when a platypus wandered through his "set".

"We were filming platypus in the area when he saw something moving through the grass," he told the ABC.

"Thinking it was some huge lizard, we couldn't believe it when we saw this platypus walking between one creek to another."

"Filming platypus is one of the hardest tasks ever but sometimes the luck is on your side and, with the amazing job from my assistant, we have managed to film this animal for around five minutes," he said.

The animal is seen ambling across the grass before entering a nearby creek.

Mr Moller plans to use the footage as part of a documentary.