Cyclist lands on feet after car crash

Video: Cyclist films moment car crashes into him

FOR one incredibly fortunate London cyclist, it is not just cats that always land on their feet.

YouTube user cyclejack uploaded a film recently that showed him cycling into London "in an effort to gain some fitness".

However, as he rode through Romford in the east London suburbs, a car driver turned into him.

Cyclejack wrote that he was being cautious in the wet conditions and the driver should have seen him given that he is over six feet and was wearing a bright blue jacket.

The small black Citroen simply takes a right turn, seemingly ignoring cyclejack heading their way, and the cyclist yells an exasperated expletive as he is sent flying over the car bonnet.

Amazingly however, while his bike can bee seen crushed on the road with one of the wheels detached, cyclejack manages to land on his feet, taking his glasses off in amazement as he looks back at the scene of the crash.

He was taken to hospital in a neck brace and spinal board. Miraculously, he escaped with only a few bruises.

The story does help highlight the importance for cyclists to film their journeys.

While the driver was apologetic and seemed to admit fault at the time, when an insurance claim was filed the driver disputed it.

"Safe to say the video has saved me a lot of hassle and three weeks later the cheque has already arrived from the insurance company," cyclejack wrote.

Eight cyclists have been killed in the capital so far this year, with two this week in Richmond and Merton.


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