AN ARMED man holds a person hostage with a machete, shots are fired and bloodied spectators run from the scene scattered with detached limbs.

Highly skilled police rush in with weapons raised, shoot multiple offenders and diffuse the situation.

It was the dramatic sequence of events which unfolded as part of Queensland Police specialist counter terrorism training this morning which saw officers presented with a hypothetical scenario.

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant and Ipswich Criminal Investigation Branch officer in charge Daniel Cunningham said the training was in response to terrorism incidents.

"It's a scenario incident which allows out staff to experience what it's like if a terrorism incident actually does occur in the Ipswich police district," Snr Sgt Cunningham said.

"It gives them the opportunity to assess how they would respond to is.

"It's simulated that it is related to a terrorism incident."

POLICE TRAINING: Police on scene at a counter terrorism training day at Ipswich.
POLICE TRAINING: Police on scene at a counter terrorism training day at Ipswich. Emma Clarke

The scenario, the first of its kind in Ipswich, involved up to 80 police officers from the Ipswich district and multiple moving parts.

"There is no indications there is likely to be any terrorism incidents within the Ipswich district at the moment but it doesn't hurt to be prepared," Snr Sgt Cunningham said.

"As we've seen globally we need to have a response to that and this is part of the Ipswich police district preparing for that and giving us the capability to respond if this does occur."

Snr Sgt Cunningham said the officers were not aware of the scenario before they were called to it.

"The officers are responding to an incident, they are unaware of what's occurring and that's basically to stimulate then and see how they ordinarily would respond," he said.

"They are confronted with a scenario where there are a number of weapons and a number of offenders. They're tasked to resolve the situation and render the scene safe.

"They are advised of some limited details but not exactly of what's going to occur."