A TOOWOOMBA man has had a close brush with death, after a truck he was overtaking failed to spot him.

Mark Hills was on the Warrego Hwy travelling from Toowoomba to Brisbane on Tuesday when he decided to overtake two trucks driving in the slow lane.

Halfway through overtaking, the first truck started to cut into his lane.

Car has close call with truck on Warrego Hwy.
Car has close call with truck on Warrego Hwy. Contributed

"There was this truck ahead of him in his lane that was going very slow, and he changed lanes to pass it, almost hitting me," Mr Hills said of the incident.

"It was a bit scary, which is why I slammed on the brakes. I was just hoping that I wouldn't get rear ended in the process."

Mr Hills said the truck driver was oblivious to his presence. 

"I slowed down after that, and I don't remember seeing him again," he said.