VIDEO of a pizza deliverer flinging a pizza to a customer hanging out of a third-storey window has all the ingredients of a viral video.

The clip, which has already notched up a quarter-of-a-million views in a week, is proving popular but internet users have been largely skeptical of its authenticity.

It didn't take long for social media armchair detectives to forensically dissect the video.

"The pizza contents would have spewed all inside the box to a mush and the video is a bit iffy anyway, why would they be filming something so mundane anyway," one YouTube user asks.

Reddit user Willmander was just as skeptical: "Why was the pizza in the boot? Why didn't the box open? WHY was the guy recording BEFORE the pizza dude did any throwing? Was there something interesting happening before hand?

Doesn't seem like it... If the pizza dude already threw one up the recorder wouldn't have said 'there's no way he's launching…'."

Others, like YouTube user Baker Romeo, were more supportive: "As a former pizza delivery boy, that customer and that driver are tied for being my hero."

So, is it real or fake? Watch the video and decide for yourself.