Kitten Diego's swim sparks extreme excitement

Video: kitten owner goes crazy as Diego has first swim

TO GO 'double rainbow'. It's a reference to a phrase made popular by a YouTube user who got very excited about a, you guessed it, double rainbow.

The original clip, that spawned a number of mash-ups, remixes and parodies, has now cemented its way into the online lexicon.


Another YouTube clip that is quickly gaining traction online, features an owner of a Bengal kitten going 'double rainbow' to see the cat swimming at a New Zealand beach.

The YouTube video, uploaded by Michelle Holmes, shows Diego on a leash swimming in the clear waters at Graham's Beach as his owner's excitement builds up.

"He's swimming, he's swimming," the owner exclaims.

After roughly 50 seconds of swimming Diego's paws touch the surface of the beach.

"He went in by himself," the owner continues excitedly.

"He just swam across!"

At the time of publication the clip had 128 thousand views on YouTube.