THE video of a koala stuck up a power pole for two days straight in Toowoomba has been shared right across the planet.

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) shared the video of the koala this week.

In the video the koala can be seen getting swooped by magpies, barked at by dogs and looking terrified at the sound of passing traffic.

A version of the video shared by United States news organisation ABC News has received about 100,000 views.  

It has also been shared by London's The Telegraph, the UK version of Sky News, the Daily Mail and a number of smaller independent publishers.  

WWF shared the video as part of a campaign for stronger land clearing laws in Queensland.  

Though not all Toowoomba residents agreed with WWF's message.  

"Queensland is a big state and the same land clearing laws should not be one size fits all," resident Noelene Polzin said on Facebook.  

"The southeast corner is very different to the Darling Downs and that is different to the northern coastal area and the far west.  

"Cattle are fed scrub in times of drought, land is cleared for farming, housing etc."  

A koala that was stuck up a power pole for two days was swooped by magpies.
A koala that was stuck up a power pole for two days was swooped by magpies. Claire Gover/WWF-Australia

Mark Barkla agreed with Noelene.  

"A farmer cuts down a tree, he is a criminal and cruel to animals," he said.   

"A developer cuts down a tree for a new house estate and that's okay." 

Andie Duke said he hoped the plight of the koala would stop excessive land clearing.

"It is ridiculous that land clearing still occurs at all, especially without offset replanting," he said.

"Queensland is the worst and it is no surprise that whole species are becoming extinct at such an alarming rate."

"We are destroying habitat and it needs to stop," Annemarie Manners said.