WHAT do you do on a busy road if you see a stunned or injured native animal in the middle of the road - a kookaburra, for instance?

Reporter Arthur Gorrie and photographer Renee Pilcher found out when they saw this kookaburra in the middle of the through-town stretch of the Bruce Hwy in Gympie, just south of Nick's Readymix, near Inglewood Rd.

Renee found a place to park and signaled the traffic. When the closest car stopped, our less than heroic reporter realized he had no option but to pick up the stunned bird, angry beak and claws notwithstanding.

As all this was happening, however, the bird recovered and attempted to fly away, only to collide with the side of a passing truck, falling back onto the roadway.

Eventually, bird in hand, our heroes were able to make this video, just before the bird recovered enough to fly away to a nearby tree top - without so much as a thankyou or a smile for the camera.