THE secret life of some of the Mackay's resident platypuses has been captured in an amazing early morning video.

Environmentalist Lance Payne yesterday filmed four platypuses playing and also fighting in an undisclosed wetlands area close to the city.

"I've known about them for a while, but I have never seen them behave quite like this," Mr Payne said.

"Some people probably walk there every day and don't even know the platypus are there.

"Mackay has some hidden beauties in the environment. People may think Eungella is the only place for them, but it isn't."

In order to get the footage, Mr Payne set up pre-dawn and said he had to remain very still while crouched in the undergrowth to avoid scaring away the timid creatures.

"I got down there in the darkness and got crouched up and sat as still as a church mouse and then you wait for the ripples."

"You dare not sneeze or anything else in case you scare them off. They are very timid, as soon as I move they know I am there.

"I was rewarded with some of the most outstanding performances I have ever witnessed. It is definitely the secret lives of the platypuses that has been on show this week," Mr Payne said.

Despite Mr Payne's excitement after spotting the four platypuses he said he noticed a skin condition on one of the animals that he attributed to the the polluted water they were swimming in.

"If look closely, the poor animal appears to be under skin stress possibly; as it scratches away at its skin," he said.

"You see, from the surrounding roads, where the storm water loaded with oils and rubber, fuels and rubbish is simply channelled into this wetland without a care for the environment."