Viewers savage Rove’s new show


Rove McManus' latest TV foray was a ratings disaster in its second week on air, with Saturday Night Rove pulling in 138,000 viewers for episode two.

That's way down on the show's 244,000 metro viewers for its August 24 debut and was not enough for the prime-time variety show to place as one of Saturday's 20 highest-rated programs (children's cartoon Bluey on ABC Kids came in at 20th with 165,000 viewers).

The dismal ratings come after Ten promoted the show's second episode with an ad displaying glowing tweets from viewers praising episode one - some of which had been heavily edited and were, in fact, less than complimentary.

As industry blog TV Blackbox first reported, one tweet Ten splashed on screen during the promo exclaimed "ROVE! Fantastic to have you back!!!"

Rove McManus on Saturday Night Rove.
Rove McManus on Saturday Night Rove.

The original tweet, by user @TdWhiteWhite, actually read: "Rove it's fantastic to have you back, but you need to listen to your loyal fans and change the format please."


This was among several other tweets from the same user criticising the show as "flat" and "disappointing".

Another tweet Ten screened in the ad said simply "Amazing … FUNNY!"
The full original tweet, from user @RVenusaur, read: "Soo I kinda liked it, it's not amazing but it's funny and can we get some musical performances please?"

A Ten spokesperson told TV Blackbox "the inclusion of these tweets was human error. We have updated our processes to ensure it doesn't happen again."

Viewer reaction to episode two, which featured former prime minister Kevin Rudd beating Rove in a game of handball, was … mixed, to say the least:










Initially titled Bring Back Saturday Night, Saturday Night Rove originated as one of the successful pilots during Ten's 2018 pilot week. McManus has also hosted trivia panel show Show Me the Movie! for two seasons on Ten.

Saturday Night Rove airs 7.30pm Saturdays on Ten.

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