Viral videos of the week – May 12, 2014

Viral videos: British irony, Murphy's Law and a lucky shot

YOUTUBER Tay Zonday once said it's not possible to know the ingredients of a viral video.

"The public decides whether that art is viral," he said.

This week, the internet-dwelling public decided that irony, Murphy's Law and a one-in-a-million shot would make it to the top.

In the first clip a dashcam captures what one YouTuber refers to as 'some Monty Python level comedic irony' on a busy London roundabout. So make sure you pay attention to the dialogue.

The second clip, which shows a rugged up figure slowly shoveling snow from a driveway, may not be all it appears to be. Internet users were quick to point out that some sneaky editing was at work. See if you can see where the cut was made.

Many experience and incredible an stroke of luck at some point in their lives.

Fewer actually manage to capture that moment on video.

But, the third and final video appears to do just that.

"This actually is the greatest putt putt shot of all time," wrote one YouTube account holder.

"This guy should sincerely buy a lottery ticket," wrote another.

See for yourself.