RENOWNED: Melbourne is renowned for its street art and Caloundra could soon be too.
RENOWNED: Melbourne is renowned for its street art and Caloundra could soon be too. NICOLE TUJAGUE

'Visionary' public art plan proceeds

A $490,000, three-year public art plan has been hailed as visionary after it won unanimous support from councillors across the region.

The Caloundra Public Art Plan 2018, which is still subject to budget approval, was praised by representatives from around the region.

The Place2: program outlined a schedule of projects set to liven up Caloundra.

The first year features street art murals in Lamkin Lane, the Caloundra Transit Centre, Knox Ave and the connection to Williamson Lane.

Up to 15 walls will become urban canvases, while an interactive digital component was also proposed.

Pop-up installations, 20 ephemeral installations and a permanent public art project as well as permanent installations in three recommended precincts were all part of the plans in years two and three.

Divisional councillor and Deputy Mayor Tim Dwyer said the plan had begun as a public art strategy solely for his division, but it could be rolled out across the region.

"I think it's a great starting point for the Sunshine Coast," Councillor John Connolly said.

Councillor Jason O'Pray said he'd had doubts about the plan in last week's agenda review and had hesitations about the "big dollars" involved, but after hearing the vision, he supported the plan.

Councillor Greg Rogerson said it was a "great initiative" and put forward a subsequent motion to explore a region-wide plan.

That motion didn't proceed with Cr Rogerson instead opting to put forward a future notice to motion, after some accused him of making "policy on the run".