VOTE NOW: Who is your favourite GP in the Gympie region?

THERE is no sign of wavering loyalty among patients when The Gympie Times asked readers to nominate the region's best GP this week.

From the response, Gympie and surrounds are blessed to have access to many dedicated medical doctors from varied medical centres.

Some doctors have devoted years to treating Gympie people, while newer general practitioners to the area are matching their passion for helping the community.

Below are the 21 finalists (in no particular order) and why you think they deserve to be recognised.

To help crown the Gympie region's top doctor - vote in the poll below and we will announce the winner next week.

Who is the Gympie region's top doctor?

This poll ended on 15 September 2019.

Current Results

1. Dr Julie Blake


2. Dr Jane Woodward


3. Dr Mary Piepers


4. Dr Matthias Ranaweera


5. Dr Chris Black


6. Dr Marelise Pretorius


7. Dr Adam Hall


8. Dr Marian Campbell


9. Dr Randal Davis


10. Dr Rebecca Freshney


11. Dr John Manton


12. Dr Malika Loeckx


13. Dr George Pienaar


14. Dr Rodney Day


15. Dr Calin Negru-Radu


16. Dr Mihaela Negru-Radu


17. Dr Percy Arrazola


18. Dr Daryl Dodt


19. Dr Chia (Marilyn) Hsu


20. Dr Rashida Malek


21. Dr Annemarie Botha


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

1. Dr Julie Blake, Channon Street Medical Centre

"Amazing doctor." -Christie Davis

"Hard to get an appointment, but an awesome doctor." -Kristina Benson


Yes, a fitting memorial for Ron Dyne-Dr Jane Woodward. Street survey. March 03, 2015.
Photo Patrick Woods / Gympie Times
Dr Jane Woodward Patrick Woods

2. Dr Jane Woodward, The Gympie Clinic

"When needed she went with speed for diagnosis and was wonderful." -Jeanette Wilson

"Dr Jane is caring, supportive and helpful. Her friendliness and willingness to get answers is so appreciated. Thank you Dr Jane." -Norina Sorensen


Dr Mary Piepers starting up her new practice in Gympie.
Dr Mary Piepers. Renee Albrecht

3. Dr Mary Piepers, Marymark Medical

"Always helpful, thorough and caring." -Rebecca Pickett

"Professional, thorough, approachable, family orientated, flexible. Thank you Dr. Mary for your incredible service over the years." -Alisha Wason

"The absolute best!" -Nan Nan


Dr Matthias Ranaweera at The Gympie Clinic
Dr Matthias Ranaweera at The Gympie Clinic contributed

4. Dr Matthias Ranaweera, The Gympie Clinic

"Dr Matthais Ranaweera (together with Dr Jane Woodward) are wonderful doctors who will go above and beyond for their patient. Their care and professionalism is beyond words. Many thanks to Jane and Matt for running a wonderful practice, with other great doctors and lovely support staff and Registered Nurses." -Maggie-Kay Cairncross

5. Dr Chris Black, Channon Street Medical Centre

"Is one of the most caring, committed and competent doctors I've been privileged to visit in my (relatively!) long life. He has a genuine interest in his patients holistically and takes the time to explain, listen and advise - the resulting waiting times are definitely worthwhile." -Carolyn Hill Thew

"He has been my doctor for over 25 years, my children's doctor since their birth. For emergency appointments if Dr Black is unavailable we are also very happy to see the other doctors at the centre. Absolutely fabulous with my child with autism." -Mandee Anne

"No matter what time of the day or night, he is always willing to help the residents at Cooinda Aged Care. He is not my doctor but he certainly goes above and beyond for people in need, and that really shows a lot of compassion and dedication!" -Tiarna Hampton

"Always gets to the bottom of things, never too busy, always listens." -Andrea Hurkett

6. Dr Marelise Pretorius, Excelsior Medical Centre

"The most thorough doctor I've ever had! I'm so glad I found her after my last doctor left." -Skye Hughes


New sports doctor Adam Hall.  Gympie.   Photo Tanya Easterby / The Gympie Times
Dr Adam Hall. Gympie Tanya Easterby

7. Dr Adam Hall, Southside Medical Centre

"Very caring, thorough and just a lovely man. So lucky to have him as our family GP." -Karyn Post

8. Dr Marian Campbell, The Gympie Clinic

"She's been my doctor since I can remember & gone on to be my children's. Unbiased, non-judgemental of all different choices for your family, what every doctor should possess." -Tara Rosenow

"Most incredible doctor I have ever had." -Holly Peters

"Dr Marian Campbell at The Gympie Clinic is absolutely brilliant in every way possible." -Zoe Jack

"I changed doctors midway through my pregnancy as the other doctors I was seeing couldn't care less about me, she's now mine and my children's doctor. Always finds a way to squeeze me in if necessary and always goes above and beyond to help us." -Gabrielle Pamenter

"She is hands down the best - my girls only want to see her." -Sarah N Richardson

"Best. Doctor. Ever." -Tiana Tisdell


Dr Randal Davis is one of the partners leading the charge to Gympie's new amalgamated medical clinic.
Dr Randal Davis. Donna Jones

9. Dr Randal Davis, Southside Medical Centre

"Dr Randal Davis (and Dr Chris Black) are both absolutely amazing doctors and always go above and beyond." -Vanessa Cooper

"Dr Davis is the only doctor in town my husband can see because nobody else seems to know what a Cholesteatoma is or how to treat it! He's worth the four week wait for an appointment." -Kerrie McKewin


Dr. Rebecca Freshney
Dr. Rebecca Freshney Troy Jegers

10. Dr Rebecca Freshney, Excelsior Medical Centre

"Family doctor 100% - She treats myself and my parents and whenever my kids need to go they'll be seeing her too. I changed over to Rebecca after four years of trying to find a doctor to listen to me and investigate this particular health issue within a month she had me diagnosed and treating it with a plan sorted. She actually listens unlike other doctors that are in a hurry to push you out the door and hear half your symptoms." -Kerrie McKewin

"Absolutely agree with this one! She's so lovely to chat to and really listens." -Michelle Drapiewski


SERVICE AWARDED: Gympie GP Dr John Manton with his GP Supervisor of the Year by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.
Dr John Manton Philippe Coquerand

11. Dr John Manton, Excelsior Medical Centre

"Truly a doctor that listens and has so much knowledge." -Trish James

"I wouldn't take my kids or myself anywhere else." -Taran Tate


Dr Malika Loeckx
Dr Malika Loeckx Contributed

12. Dr Malika Loeckx, Henry Street Medical

"She is amazing with my girls and I. Feels more like meeting up with a friend then a Dr visit." -Rochelle Vandermaal

"She is truly an angel." -Rolanda Hilda

"A truly (good) doctor who listens to you - I will not go nowhere else." - Frances Hedges

13. Dr George Pienaar, Channon St Medical Centre

"Just awesome with my kids." -Jo-Anne Turner


Dr Rod Day
Dr Rod Day Contributed

14. Dr Rodney Day, Channon St Medical Centre

"If I hadn't found him as doctor as a child I would probably be dead." -Jo-Anne Turner

15. Dr Calin Negru-Radu, The Medical Centre

"He's the best doctor out there. He genuinely interested and listens to you and absolutely cares about you. He's the best." -Phoebe Slater

16. Dr Mihaela Negru-Radu, Excelsior Medical Centre

"She is awesome and very thorough." -Toni Baxter

17. Dr Percy Arrazola, Medical on Mary

"Only doctor I trust." -Eb Clarke

"Agreed! Dr Percy is so amazing." -Georgie Osborne


Gympie Councillor Daryl Dodt. Gympie Regional Council
Dr Daryl Dodt Renee Albrecht

18. Dr Daryl Dodt, Henry St Medical Clinic

"Very thorough doctor and has the greatest care for his patients." -Jasmine Loney

"Saved my dad from a breakdown." -Rosiemarie Osborne

19. Dr Chia (Marilyn) Hsu, Excelsior Medical Centre

20. Dr Rashida Malek, Excelsior Medical Centre

21. Dr Annemarie Botha, Cooloola Coast Clinic

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Dr Julie Blake.