Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton. Picture: AAP Image/Mick Tsikas
Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton. Picture: AAP Image/Mick Tsikas

Voters don’t know who Dutton is or think he is ‘creepy’

THE Labor Party is ramping up its efforts to dislodge Peter Dutton from his seat of Dickson - keen to claim the scalp of the potential PM - and are deploying the same tactics they used to bamboozle the Government in Longman.

Internal Labor focus group research - done nationally and not specifically in Dickson - suggests that Mr Dutton is ­unknown by many voters, or is seen as "arrogant", "out of touch" or even "creepy or scary".

Mr Dutton last night dismissed it as "typical Labor and GetUp propaganda".

"Labor lied their way through the last election ­campaign, why would you expect any different now," Mr Dutton said.

"GetUp should explain why it takes a million dollars from the CFMMEU."

Health will again play a major role in Labor's campaign, as it did in the Longman by-election last month.

Labor will target Mr Dutton's record as Health Minister in 2013-14 under the Abbott government.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and incoming ALP national president Wayne Swan will be deployed to play a major role in running the attack on Mr Dutton and will accuse him of being missing-in-action in the regions.

"You can't be Prime Minister if you're not a Member of Parliament," Mr Swan said.

"Any suggestion that this bloke has some sort of connection with Queensland is a sick joke. He has barley set foot in regional Queensland since the last election," Mr Swan said.

Recent polling suggests Mr Dutton is on track to keep his seat, despite holding it by a narrow 1.6 per cent margin.

Labor is understood to be heartened by the 5 per cent swing against him in 2016.