Autumn weather: Light rain and clouds will clear for a warm weekend in Gympie.
Autumn weather: Light rain and clouds will clear for a warm weekend in Gympie.

Warmer temperatures on the way

The chilly mornings of the last few days are behind us for now predicts the Bureau of Meteorology, and temperatures will start to rise in Gympie as we head towards the weekend.

Gympie woke up to a low of around 10°C today, and temperatures will reach a top of 25°C this afternoon.

BOM forecaster Lauren Pattie said Wednesday will be partly cloudy with a low of 13°C and a top of 25°C, with a chance of light showers in the late morning and afternoon, but nothing significant.

Ms Pattie said temperatures are slowly warming back up and the region’s minimum temperature will sit around 13°C and will reach the mid-20s for the rest of the week.


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The rain activity will also ease up as we head towards the weekend and Friday will be mostly sunny with a top of 26°C.

“On the weekend it will slowly warm to just shy of 30°C by Sunday,” Ms Pattie said.

Temperatures will briefly cool again on Monday, with a low of 11°C and a top of 24°C due to a trough moving across the State over the weekend.

Ms Pattie said heading further inland from Gympie the temperatures will drop to 8-9°C in the mornings, and the chance of rain was minimal.

She said regions closer to the coast could expect slightly higher temperatures, with lows of around 15°C, with stronger winds and slightly higher rainfall.

Looking to the next few months Ms Pattie said there was no significant rain on the horizon and no weather systems that could strongly influence rainfall were present.

Based on the region’s climate outlook Ms Pattie said Gympie could expect a high chance of above average maximum temperatures from June to August compared to previous winters.