"Australia, DON'T go to buggery," this letter writer says.

WARNING ADULT CONTENT: Australia, just don't go there.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This Gympie letter writer is concerned about the apparent increase in anal sex  in Australia and its implications for our young people. Warning, this letter contains graphic content and is not at all appropriate for readers under the age of 18:

There seems to be a disturbing increase in the practice of buggery (anal sex).

Apart from the disease that is attributable to buggery, there are other consequences.

A well-known Aussie comedian recently said that many of the internet porn sites depict men and women in the sex act with anal penetration. She made the point that women generally don't want that, and sent the message for men to stick with vaginal sex, as this is why women were designed with vaginas.

With the rise of pornography as a major source of sex education for teenagers now, with some experts estimating that 100% of children will view porn before their eighteenth birthday, they have this unnatural act of buggery pushed on them as being the norm, and even preferred practice.

Teenage girls are increasingly experiencing internal damage from anal sex, after they are pressured into this by boys, who are mimicking the porn they view.

There's an old Aussie off-handed slang saying "go to buggery," but I say Australia, DON'T go to buggery.

Just because this is being pushed on us for some reason, doesn't make it right.

Kerry Townsend,