OPINION: Don't let the Gympie region become like the sardine can that is the southeast, just on our doorstep.
OPINION: Don't let the Gympie region become like the sardine can that is the southeast, just on our doorstep.

Warning: Don't turn Gympie region into southeast sardine can


Escape the sardine can

MY GRANDFATHER was the first non-indigenous baby born in Maroochydore. He later came to Brooloo to establish a dairy farm and store at the end of the Mary Valley train line.

I have spent most of my life in Nambour, Palmwoods and Buderim. A couple of years ago my wife and I made the decision to escape the rat race and move to Kandanga.

Many in the south-east corner of Queensland talk about Noosa to Coolangatta as the sardine can where the ever growing population is killing the place.

My fear is Gympie is welcoming this "love your place to death” culture.

Tranquility at the mouth of the Mary river.
Tranquility is part of the reason we love the Gympie region. Coral Deeth

Gympie is a great town (even though the locals don't seem to understand this). Gympie is still affordable (your kids can afford housing whether to buy or rent) and you can still raise your grandkids here.

My strong recommendation is that you live in a great region on the edge of the sardine can but please don't aspire to become part of it.

Trust me, you won't like it.



The banks of the Mary River where the Willow Glen Gardens were.
The banks of the Mary River. The Gympie region is peaceful and picturesque.


A heartfelt thank-you

NEIGHBOUR Day at the Veteran Hall last Saturday was a wonderfully busy and happy day.

The hall was full almost all day, and there were many "old Veteran” stories told, precious memories recalled, and even the occasional family reunion.

Exquisite craft by the hall's own Frayed Edges craft group was on display and we also had the company of Gympie Family History Society, who have been so helpful in researching some of our Veteran history.

We had a couple of trucks from the Veteran Rural Fire Brigade outside which with Pat A Pet Awhile's adorable baby animals, delighted young and old visitors alike. A free sausage sizzle and unlimited tea and coffee ensured all the comforts of home.

We were then thoroughly entertained all evening by wonderful Brisbane band The Long Johns (boasting Gympie's Steve Buchanan on sousaphone) and the supremely talented (and also Gympie grown) Emma Beau.

The hall was full of hungry guests who were fed beautifully by the Bullseye Food Van; some drinks, some dancing, and a fantastic atmosphere, it was the perfect end to a great day.

The hall committee sincerely thanks everyone who contributed in any way.

We're particularly grateful for the support we can always rely on from our neighbours at the Veteran Rural Fire Brigade and the ladies from our craft groups, particularly Frayed Edges.

We also couldn't have managed a day like that without the financial and practical support of Gympie Regional Council, and Jacqui we thank you for your hard work and great ideas.

Goomeri Pumpkin Festival/community group helped us with the use of a cold room which was even delivered to us by a GRC staff member; that was a huge help, thank you. Annette from Pat A Pet Awhile and Bruce from Bullseye Food Truck, thank you both for your support and for helping us entertain and take care of our guests.

And to every one who made the effort to call in at any point during the day, we thank you for getting involved in such a warm and generous way.

The historical information that we're collecting is part of an ongoing project. If you have anything you'd like to contribute, or to have a better look at what we do have, please message us. veteranhall@hotmail.com

Glenne Lenske,

Veteran Hall Social Committee

Outside Queensland, there is no LNP

I HAVE just received the glossy brochure from the hopeful Labor candidate, Jason Scanes and I thank him for his service to our country.

Unfortunately, he doesn't know who his opposition is. His continual reference to overcoming the LNP sends one's eyes rolling. He doesn't seem to be aware that the LNP is a Queensland-only political party and that they are in opposition.

Outside Queensland, there is no LNP. Where are this man's advisers?

What chance do we have of having a credible opposing candidate in this seat if that's the best the ALP can do?

This is either a learning process for this candidate or it just goes to show how hapless his organisation is.

David Collins,