SNAKES ALIVE: Eastern brown snakes are on the move in the Gympie area.
SNAKES ALIVE: Eastern brown snakes are on the move in the Gympie area. Ben Bowe

Watch out Gympie, venomous snakes are now on the move

A PROMINENT Gympie animal expert says she has seen more eastern brown snakes and taipans on the move than ever this year as the weather continues to warm up.

Julie Smith, who has managed Gympie Snake Catchers for the entirety of her seven years in the region, said the recent pattern of warm days and cold nights had played a significant role in local snake sightings.


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Gympie's Julie Smith of Accounting for Fauna handling a reptile.
ON THE MOVE: Julie Smith, of Gympie Snake Catchers, says warm days and cold nights have resulted in more snake sightings than usual. Contributed

"It's also to do with an influx of rodents, which will naturally attract adult snakes looking for a food source,” Ms Smith said.

"Eastern browns and other snakes start to become more active at this time of the year, and we're definitely seeing more.”

Ms Smith said she had been "very sad” to see the "unnecessary” death of an eastern brown shortly after arriving at a recent callout near Chatsworth State School.

"The snake was on the road and quite aggressive, rearing up at cars as they passed, and moments after we arrived a car drove straight over it, which didn't need to happen.”

She advised locals to understand the misconception that snakes are "defensive, not aggressive” and outlined some basic measures for people to avoid danger.

"You don't see aggression from them unless they are provoked.

"If you're at all likely to encounter a snake wear boots, jeans and gloves. If you stay aware of your surroundings you will be quite safe and should not have an issue.”