There are plenty of yowies on the Northern Rivers, according to readers. Illustrations by Bill Rasmussen.
There are plenty of yowies on the Northern Rivers, according to readers. Illustrations by Bill Rasmussen. Contributed

WATCH OUT: 'Yowies are everywhere', residents warn

NORTHERN Rivers residents have reacted to the most recent yowie sighting in the region, and the results range wildly from alarming to hilarious.

The latest sighting shared by yowie hunter Dean Harrison from Australian Yowie Research was by a woman on March 5 in Uki (Mt Jerusalem National Park) at around 7pm, who said the sight of a creature which was "7ft tall, hairy, with breasts... and a gorilla's face" was "the scariest thing (she) had ever seen".

Since the story, which attracted more than 200 comments and 87 shares, Facebook users have shared their own thoughts and experiences, albeit a lot of them are poking fun at their mates.

But for others, the existence of the creature is no myth or legend.

Lee Jordan said the yowie population was "aplenty".

"They are not just around the mountain! They are everywhere! Watch out," Lee wrote.

Brad Martin tagged his friend Daniel Pagotto and said, "you were right! Bloody yowie country".

Charlie Sultana replied on this thread: "I think they saw me Brad. I remember I stood on some sharp lantana".

Gaylene Patch-Taylor: "Bloody hell. Dougie always said there were yowies in that area."

Cheryl Gilroy said her husband had seen a yowie in Woodenbong 21 years ago, to which her family member Rebecca Gilroy replied: "Ava tells everyone this story. At church on Sunday one kid says 'I saw a giraffe at the zoo' (and) Ava says 'my uncle saw a yowie'."

Benny Ell said the yowie wasn't the only creature around that might give you a fright: "Not only the hairy man but those beast-cats along Tamarind Drive."

Shannlee Son said the creature was "probably looking for water".

Ryan English: "The hairy man's been out making a few mates."

Nakeeta McDonald tagged his friend Jack Pittman and said it was "time to go hunting".

Steph Dengate: "It's back!!!"

Others, who were more sceptical, had some fun.

Kimmy Myleisha advised drivers to dim their lights when she goes jogging next time.

Alicia Garam: "It's probably one of the local residents!"

Tony O'Toole: "Just a local living off the grid."

Mark Freemantle: "Was it Peter Dutton?"

Kevin RedDog: "I was out jogging the other night naked when I was blinded by some fool's headlight. Can a man jog naked in peace?"