Two puppies that were euthanised.
Two puppies that were euthanised. Contributed

WATCH: Puppy mills will have to register under new bill

DOG breeders will have to register under new legislation aimed at ending puppy farms in Queensland.

Agriculture Minister Leanne Donaldson will introduce the bill to parliament this week which will require all breeders to be registered - and give their registration number when selling a puppy.

Speaking outside Queensland Parliament House in Brisbane Ms Donaldson said the government had worked closely with the RSPCA and breeders group Dogs Queensland.

"A new dog breeder registrations system will, for the first time, make it possible to locate and close down those dog breeding facilities where profit it put before the welfare of dogs," she said.

"We promised to shut down unethical puppy farms and we are delivering on that promise."

RSPCA Queensland chief Mark Townend said the organisation regularly rescued mistreated dogs raised in puppy farms.

"We've been forced to seize animals from conditions that were appalling," he said.

"It's purely a money-making exercise and often the dogs bred there suffer from genetic conditions that will cost future owners thousands of dollars in veterinary bills."

He said the legislation was designed to target puppy farms and not impact "good" dog breeders. - APN NEWSDESK