File photo of a country road
File photo of a country road Guy Harvey

We live 10km from Mary St, council has never done our road


The council has never done our road

IN THE 30 years we have lived on Laurel Rd, Cr Smerdon's letter is the first time we have seen a positive attitude to our predicament.

We live 10km from the main street and the council has never done our road. It was done years ago but it was part of a state flood repair program. It is back to a shocking condition and is used daily by through traffic.

In the time we have been here we have had an ambulance unable to get to us and our car written off - we were at a complete halt with nowhere to go.

Over the 30 years we have had successive councils and they have all refused to do our roads, obviously the problem is institutional.

Excuses as to why the road cannot be done have been numerous and varied over the years and as a ratepayer we have found invalid. Thank you Cr Smerdon for stating the obvious.

Blue Flawn,