Coronavirus test
Coronavirus test

We need to get through this together – but apart

IF you haven't already, now is the time we need to be having tough conversations with our family and friends about social distancing and staying home when possible.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Australia is multiplying rapidly and we need to do our part to flatten the curve.

I had to venture out one day this week and saw some innovative social distancing measures in Mackay - from spacing customers in a store using tape on the floor to make crosses where people must stand to a bottle shop stacking beer cartons two deep to bench height to extend the counter distance between customers and staff.

But I was honestly shocked at the number of cars on the road when we consider New York streets are empty.

Hopefully with school closures there will be less interaction and more staying at home.

The idea of shutting down Mackay to protect us from this virus is a worthy one.

But in lieu of that, we need to do the right thing as a community and get through this together - but apart.