A woman who grew her own marijuana plants was among several cases to appear in Gympie Magistrates Court this week.
A woman who grew her own marijuana plants was among several cases to appear in Gympie Magistrates Court this week. St George police

Weapons, drugs - another day in Gympie courts

Fine for weapons, drugs

BEING the owner of knuckle dusters, a telescopic baton and drug paraphernalia has left 21-year-old Zackaria Dallas Packer's wallet $400 lighter.

The Gympie man pleaded guilty to being caught with the items at a Lawrence St home when it was searched by police on June 19.

Along with the weapons, officers found two water pipes, electric scales, a grinder, clip seal bags and a scoop.


Packer also pleaded guilty to failing to provide identification to officers on June 27.

Representing himself in Gympie Magistrates Court, the part-time landscaper said he bought the knuckle dusters "as a paperweight from a novelty shop”.

Woman caught with marijuana plants

Marijuana plant. Bill North

A WOMANwho started growing her own marijuana plants for pain relief has this week been fined $350. Karen Louise Humphries was caught in possession of more than eight plants, a water pipe and a grinder at her Southside property on the morning of June 21.

The court was told each of these plants ranged from seedlings to 200mm in height.

Representing herself and with a support worker by her side as she pleaded guilty, the 48-year-old told Gympie Magistrates Court she was growing the plants for her own use.

"I can't bear the pain any more,” she said.

"So I was going to smoke.”

Replica weapon proves expensive

COURT: A man has told Gympie Magistrates Court he has been unlawfully detained.
Gympie Magistrates Court. Arthur Gorrie

CARRYING a gel blaster gun in public and possessing drugs has made this week financially painful for a 42-year-old Gympie man.

Michael Kenneth Hansen pleaded guilty to carrying an exposed weapon in public this week, as well as four drug-related charges.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Lisa Manns told Gympie Magistrates Court on March 7 police received a complaint Hansen had been seen talking to someone in a car with what appeared to be a semi-automatic handgun in sight.

As he left, he was observed to "rack” the slide on the weapon.

The following day police found the gel blaster gun in Hansen's possession, Sgt Manns said.

Eleven days later police conducted a search of his property.

GOOD DOGGO: New Richmond LAC Drug Detection Dog Rufus is doing a great job serving the community.
A police drug detection dog like this one was called in to search Hansen's house. Jasmine Burke

A drug detection dog helped them uncover marijuana in the pole of Hansen's bed, along with clip seal bags and lunch wrapping paper used to store the drug.

Duty lawyer Elizabeth McAulay said Hansen had been on a disability support pension since he was 15, had learning difficulties and "did not know it was illegal to take a gel blaster in public”.

"He knows better now and won't do it again.” Ms McAulay said Hansen did have a previous history with drugs, but there was a 14-year gap of non-offending from 2004 to 2018.

Magistrate Chris Callaghan noted Hansen's personal situation, but fined him $800.