Viral videos of the week - Feb 20, 2013

Web videos show skill, pain and the plain awkward

THE internet never fails to generate copious amounts of compelling or, let's be honest here, cringe-worthy video content from across the globe.

There's never a shortage. Never a drought. Never a dull moment.

So we wade through the said content to bring you a snapshot of video postcards from around the globe.

This week we travel to Iran where a man working in a teahouse casually showcases an impressive ability.

Then it's time to head back down under where some young Australians have decided to create their own local version of the once-insanely-popular DIY stunt team Jackass.

Rather than focus on high-end production quality or profound dialogue, these chaps put their bodies on the line to produce their own warped form of entertainment.

After that we will arrive at the mecca of wackiness for an interesting, but potentially inappropriate, snack.