Sunshine Coast MP Peter Wellington
Sunshine Coast MP Peter Wellington Cade Mooney

Speaker Peter Wellington shocked letter was leaked

PETER Wellington's office received the 13-page email from embattled Cook MP Billy Gordon's ex-partner at 8pm two days before he was officially sworn in as Speaker.

The Member for Nicklin said as soon as he was made aware of the allegations by one of his members of staff, he approached the independent clerk of Parliament for his advice on how to handle the matter.

"I dictated a letter to go back to the former partner that I was getting advice and would be getting back to her."


This letter Mr Wellington believed he had been sending privately to the ex-partner featured in the Courier Mail yesterday, which claimed the Speaker was "too busy to lend a hand".

A frustrated Mr Wellington feared Mr Gordon's former partner was now "being used to try and bring down this government".

"The reason I say this is when I responded to her email, I had no expectations (it was going public), I thought it was between her and me.

"Then I read the response on the front page of the Courier Mail and they didn't even offer me the courtesy of commenting (before going to print)."

Mr Wellington received the legal advice he sought to give Mr Gordon's ex-partner yesterday. This was that the government could not force Mr Gordon to resign from Parliament.

"There was nothing in the 13-page of material sent to me by the former partner which requires he has to be removed from Parliament," Mr Wellington said.

"He can remain as long as he chooses and if he chooses to vote on matters before Parliament as the Member for Cook, his vote will be counted.

"I still believe he should (resign), but it's his decision and his decision alone."

Mr Wellington said he was "disappointed" there was little that could be done.