Wellor in form with score of 21

WESTS' batsman Grant Wellor has continued his good form, top-scoring with 21 runs in Saturday's Sunshine Mitre 10 A-grade cricket league fixture at One Mile Oval.

Wellor claimed 21 for Wests, helping them to set a winning total of 121, four runs ahead of Valleys.

It was Valleys' bowler Karl Leupold who put an end to Wellor's roll.

Leupold kept the blows coming, sending J Mills out for 17 also.

However it was Ash Lawless and D Mills who did the most damage to Wests' batsmen, taking three wickets each.

The bowling form continued when Wests lined up with the ball, with Peter Bambling taking 5-30.

Valleys' Tyson Hillcoat was the first to fall to Bambling after contributing 16 runs.

Hillcoat's performance was the best of the Valleys' bunch, followed closely by Zach Gagen with 14.

J Wellor was on form, catching Ben Santowski out on a ball from Rohan Bartley before he could clock a single run down the pitch.

The weather was reasonably kind to Gympie's A-grade cricketers on Saturday and players are certain to be hoping the hot weather drops off again before they head in to play this weekend.


Scoreboard - Wests v Valleys

Wests innings

R Bartley b A Lawless - 11

G Bembrick c B Santowski b G Brady - 1

J Mills c J Greivs b K Leupold - 17

G Wellor b K Leupold - 21

R Cartwright c B Santowski b D Mills - 20

T Doyle c B Santowski b D Mills - 8

P Bambling c A Leppein b D Mills - 3

M Skinner c D Mills b G Brady - 5

B Long b A Lawless - 8

J Wellor not out - 0

Sundries: 14

TOTAL: 121

FOW: 1-2; 2-24; 3-53; 4-61; 5-81; 6-91; 7-97; 8-108; 9-122.

Bowling G Brady 25-2; A Lawless 9-3; K Leupold 27-2; M Brady 24-0; N Mills 3-16; Z Gagen 21-0.

Valleys innings

Z Gagen c (not supplied) - 14

B Santowski c J Wellor b R Bartley - 0

A Leppien c C Morrison b R Bartley - 14

T Hillcoat c J Wellor b P Bambling - 16

A Lawless (details not supplied)

C Ryan c b G Wellor - 7

N Mills c G Wellor - 0

K Leupold (details not supplied)

J Greives not out

G Brady (details not supplied)

M Brady (details not supplied)

Sundries: 21

TOTAL: 117

FOW: 1-6; 2-23; 3-57; 4-(N/A); 5-77; 6-77.

Bowling: B Long 5-0; R Bartley 28-2; C Morrison 17-1; G Wellor 23-2; P Bambling 30-5.