We’re all hoping for good news

THERE will hopefully be some good news for Gympie tomorrow when Queensland Community Recovery and Resilience Minister David Crisafulli drops in.

While his office wasn't giving too much away yesterday, it is unlikely to be just a coincidence that Mr Crisafulli will make the next big announcement about flood funding here.

His weekend revelation that $50 million will be spent on "once-in-a-lifetime infrastructure" from the Gold Coast to Cairns could not be better timing for our fair city.

We have the Aurecon report and the plans in place. We just need the money.

Despite Gympie's historical reputation as a city that floods, its leaders have never before made such ambitious plans to address that.

The levee is just step one, and judging from the heated debate it has generated, one can see why nobody has put their head on the chopping block before now.