Robert James Maskiel was the victim of a random burglary in his Tivoli home.
Robert James Maskiel was the victim of a random burglary in his Tivoli home.

‘What a joke’: victim fearful after attacker’s sentencing

"There was no justice in that courtroom, all fairytales."

That's how victim Robert James Maskiel described the sentencing of Michael Laurence Sinclair in Ipswich District Court this week.

Mr Maskiel, who is in his early sixties, said he was attacked inside his own home at Tivoli by three masked people in September 2018.

Sinclair, 41, was charged over the incident and pleaded guilty one count of burglary, one count of serious assault and one count of stealing along with other drug related charges, earlier this week.

Crown prosecutor Victoria Adams submitted written facts, but read no facts on the record in court, while Judge Alexander Horneman-Wren SC only made brief mention of the facts.

The court heard Sinclair, 41, and two others used a pole and a garden tool to smash through the glass pane of a door and repeatedly struck Mr Maskiel in the shin, stomach and chest.

They proceeded to steal four vaping devices from the property before fleeing the scene.

One of the devices was located at Sinclair's home address.

Mr Maskiel said he was at home alone, waiting for a parcel in the mail when he heard a noise on his front steps.

What he thought might have been the mail man was three masked intruders.

"There was an expandable pole with a screw top on it, they grabbed that and a pair of garden sheers out of the bucket near the door and they smashed the glass doors and started poking and prodding at me," he said.

"I've still got a scar on my leg from that instance."

Mr Maskiel said he tried to defend himself using a sword that was hanging on the wall. He managed to escape out the back door and rang his wife.

Sinclair was the only person charged over the incident.

The court heard Sinclair was a father of five and had a poor criminal history dating back to when he was a teenager stealing cars.

He was given a four year head sentence, but after some time already served Sinclair is now eligible to begin his parole application.

"I don't see the justice, I really don't," Mr Maskiel said.