Gympie's Tim Jerome
Gympie's Tim Jerome

‘What is Rattler boss hiding?’ candidate demands answers

IN REGARDS to Mr Green’s letter to the editor (GT, January 11): As a Mayoral candidate for the next local elections I thought I would give Mr Green, the general manager of the Mary Valley Rattler, the opportunity to clarify the direction the company was taking now and in the future.

This was so I could make comments in the election based on facts.

That was over a month ago and Mr Green did not have the decency to return my request for a talk.

The Mary Valley Rattler
The Mary Valley Rattler

Without having the opportunity to talk to Mr Green, my Mayoral stance on the Rattler company is thus:

The Rattler company needs to be able to run on its own two feet without being propped up by council money.

If businesses want the Rattler to keep running, then businesses and/or the public who feel strongly, need to form a co-op that will financially back the Rattler.

If Mr Green can supply the true financial figures that I asked for regarding the Rattler, then I would be more than willing to sit around the table to talk to Mr Green.

I also make this pledge to the residents of the Gympie region that myself as a person who deals with budgets and money management; if elected I will use my delegated authority to personally look into the financial figures of the Rattler and other major council works and make these figures public.

It’s all about accountability to the public.

Tim Jerome, Mayoral candidate for the Gympie region