WEIRD FIND: Police found the defendant drunk, and hiding in a ditch.
WEIRD FIND: Police found the defendant drunk, and hiding in a ditch.

What police found before they saw a drunk driver hiding

ON A search for a vehicle flicking its headlights on and off, Tara police located William Michael McGee drunk, and hiding in a ditch.

McGee appeared before Dalby Magistrates Court for the strange behaviour exhibited while he was a drunken passenger in his own car.

The court heard Tara police were conducting patrols on Surat Development Rd when, at 12.29am, a car ahead of them switched their tail lights off, according to police prosecutor senior constable Jodie Tahana.

The lights turned on again on a side road, and police saw the vehicle made a hard turn onto a small road.

Police located with no one inside, but they found football shorts and a belt hanging out the drivers side window.

They also identified a mobile phone on the dashboard, and cans of alcohol on the floor of the vehicle.

Upon searching further, they found McGee hiding in a ditch.

He told police he had been drinking and was still drunk, but he hadn't been driving.

A person unknown to him had driven his vehicle but they had "become scared" when they saw police.

The driver had parked the car and tossed the keys in the tool tray of the vehicle, and fled on foot.

McGee was taken to Tara Hospital for a blood test when the breathalyser failed to work, and returned a BAC reading of 0.093.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop told the defendant he was lucky he didn't "hit, kill, maim, or injure" another road user.

McGee pleaded guilty to being in charged of a motor vehicle while over the general alcohol limit, but not over the middle alcohol limit while on a provisional licence.

He was fined $300 and disqualified from driving for three months.

No conviction was recorded.