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GROW UP: Man's extreme attempt to keep his job

IT WAS a petty crime but a "grubby" act.

Mathew John McArthur was so desperate to keep his job he stole from family, friends and a former girlfriend.

"He had no way to get to work and needed to get to work to get money," defence solicitor Erin Beer said.

"It was my client's desperation to keep this job that he committed the seven (of the) stealing offences."

Ms Beer told Mackay Magistrates Court stealing from his loved ones had destroyed many of his close relationships.

"He has suffered consequences," she said, adding he regretted his actions labelling it a "sad case and a breach of trust".

McArthur pleaded guilty to 10 stealing offences, trespassing and failing to appear in court, which included pinching property from a service station and a television from his ex girlfriend.

"Some people have got to work all night at those service station to earn whatever they earn and you think 'well I'll just go knock them off' when you're a bit short of a bob, it's pretty grubby actions towards your fellow Mackay workers," Magistrate Damien Dwyer told McArthur adding it was time to "grow up".

"The simple fact is, with your history, prison is the only place for you and it will be if you continue this."

Ms Beer said his criminal history reflected a struggle with drugs.

McArthur had used methalamphetamines since he was 19, but had made significant steps in drug rehabilitation, including holding a job in Mackay as a skilled trade assistant.

However, he lost his job because he has spent 32 days in custody.

Ms Beer said he planned to find work once released.

Magistrate Dwyer handed down six months jail wholly suspended for two years.

If he offends during the next two years, the remainder of the six months could be activated.