Temperatures will skyrocket this week and could prove dangerous.
Temperatures will skyrocket this week and could prove dangerous. Contributed

What will be Gympie's hottest hour be this afternoon?

IT'S day five of Gympie's heatwave and things are definitely not cooling down.

The forecast is for one of the hottest days of the week today, with the temperature to soar to 38.3C this afternoon and the level of moisture in the air reaching 'oppressive'.

But either side of the peak, conditions will be equally sweltering with the dew point - the measure of moisture in the air - climbing until 10pm to generate a very hot and sticky night.

Here's an hour-by-hour breakdown of how the afternoon is looking.

1pm- A high temperature of 38C is setting the tone for a very sticky afternoon. Dew Point: 18

2pm- Brace yourselves as a peak temperature of 38.3C hits Gympie. Dew Point: 18.7

3pm- A slight drop to 37.7C will hardly alleviate the uncomfortable feeling of stickiness. Dew Point: 20

4pm- At 36C there is still almost no relief, particularly if you are in the sun. Dew Point: 21.3

5pm- Temperatures drop to 33.5 but the dew point starts to climb. Dew Point: 22.3

6pm- Despite an almost 3C drop drop in temperature to 30.6, crank those fans and air cons as the humidity is set to climb into the night. Dew Point: 22.9

7pm- As the sun begins to set, temps drop to 28.1C. Dew Point: 23.3

8pm- With the sticky conditions soaring it's going to be a very uncomfortable humidity. The temp will be 26.4 C. Dew Point: 23.6

9pm- We are in for another hot and steamy night as the dew point peaks at 24 peaks and temps sits around 25 degrees. Dew Point: 23.8