What will it take for gun laws to change in the states?

IT took one massacre for Australia to embrace gun control. 

The Port Arthur tragedy shook our nation to its core. 

The political response to the killing of 35 people in Tasmania by gunman Martin Bryant  20 years ago changed Australia - and has lessons for the US today. 

Making news all over the world is yet another shooting in the states this week, this time at a school in Florida.

The lowest act of all, targeting innocent children.  

Coming from a country like Australia I guess I will never understand the logic behind why gun laws aren't in place over there too.

What will it take to bring gun laws into a country where shootings are so common? 

I love that Kim Kardashian is among a host of celebrities calling for tighter gun controls after the gunman went on a rampage on Valentine's Day.

I think good on her and other celebrities for using their fame to influence the good of humanity. 

Surely political leaders in countries across the world could have more of an influence on the gun laws. 

I remember visiting my friend in Chicago and one of the things that shocked me was what she pointed out when we were driving to her family home.

She said to me "That's a rough neighbourhood, regular gunshots are fired."

I can't imagine this.

It makes me feel so much gratitude for the country we are lucky to call home. 

Yes, tragedy happens on our shores, but at least gun laws are in place. 

At least we don't have to live in fear. 

My heart goes out to the families of those affected in the Florida shooting. 

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