What's it going to take? Someone being killed?

WILL it take someone being killed?

Yesterday's bashing of an innocent man because he "resembled” someone accused of serious crimes is just the latest in a growing list of deplorable actions in the name of righteous outrage.

The willingness to ignore due process, whether in online comments or physical assault, because we're angry with a system we see as flawed, is not a solution which will improve it in any way at all.

It's an idea which would be laughable if it wasn't so terrifyingly dangerous.

A look through our history books should tell you why.

Yes, we would like to see offenders of serious crimes be brought to justice.

Yes, we should talk about reforming a justice system which doesn't always deliver results we like.

But our system is built on the principle of innocent until proven guilty for a reason.

Yesterday's attack serves as exhibit A. Worse, those who support this basic civil right are painted by the perpetually outraged as "apologists” for criminal behaviour - an argument which redefines stupidity.

How would you feel if an innocent loved one was seriously hurt or killed because people just can't wait to be outraged? Sadly, it seems to be the outcome we're headed towards.