An artist’s impression of the region's first outdoor parkour facility coming to Pelican Waters.
An artist’s impression of the region's first outdoor parkour facility coming to Pelican Waters.

Where Coast’s first parkour circuit will be located

Fitness lovers of all ages will soon be able to unleash their inner Ninja Warrior as the region's first outdoor parkour facility begins to take shape.

The new parkour circuit has been designed for Pelican Waters, intended to be a central feature of the large 2ha park expected for completion early next year.

Pelican Waters development general manager Hamish Pressland said the Finnish-designed equipment drew inspiration from urban landscapes to promote creative movement.

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"The parkour sports park is in keeping with Pelican Waters' philosophy of creating active spaces for all age groups in the community,'' he said.

"This equipment is designed to unleash the inner Ninja Warrior in all of us.

"It's a motivation for teenagers to put down the electronic devices and engage in some fun outdoor activity.

"We also see it as a great meeting place and a way of promoting interaction between generations."

The parkour zone is just one part of the grand Central Park currently under construction at the southern end of the estate, where a marina and waterfront shopping and dining hub is also being built.

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A custom-design basketball and netball court will be placed beside the circuit, providing opportunities for a wide range of age groups to keep active.

"If that sounds all too much and people are looking for something a bit quieter, maybe something that could even be played with a cold drink in the hand, people can partake in a family game on the new bocce court," Mr Pressland said.

"It could be a good chance for our older residents to get one up on the younger generation."

Other features within the new park will a covered barbecue and picnic table plaza raised to overlook the sports field, with multi-use goalposts for league and soccer.