Justin Bieber's middle finger salute to Coast cameras

Aerials of the Sunshine Coast taken on Thursday 23 October, 2014 for advertising feature:
Makepeace Island
Photo: Brett Wortman / Sunshine Coast Daily
Makepeace Island. Brett Wortman

IT is not Makepeace Island's heart shape nestled in the Noosa river that would make it a choice for celebrities like Justin Bieber.

It also not the swimming pool, the Balinese style decor or the plush surrounds, a visitor to the island said that set it apart.

Sunshine Coast solicitor Kyle Kimball, who visited the island late last year, said it is the exemplary customer service that made it stand out.

"It is a beautiful joint, it's really nice. But there are plenty of nice places," Mr Kimball said.


Kyle Kimball (right) with Glenn Ferguson on Makepeace Island.
Kyle Kimball (right) with Glenn Ferguson on Makepeace Island. Kyle Kimball Facebook with permi

"It is the service that makes it different.

"It is a cut above most Coast establishments. The staff there are thoroughly professional. They are proud of their little piece of paradise."

Mr Kimball said the Sunshine Coast had a tendency to slide towards "mediocrity" when it came to service.

"The thing about good service is, you generally don't notice it.

"The problem on the Coast is it is very easy to notice whether the service is good. The experience is often bad and that is across the board.

"Too many people come to the Coast to kick back and live and enjoy the lifestyle rather than inspire to be very best at what they are doing.

"There is an overwhelming acceptance of mediocrity"

He said while Makepeace, which is the "Australian home of Sir Richard Branson" was "clearly beautiful, this wouldn't have mattered "if the service wasn't up to scratch".


Sir Richard Branson plans to open Makepeace Island to more guests. Photo: Contributed.
Sir Richard Branson plans to open Makepeace Island to more guests. Photo: Contributed. Contributed

With a night on the island costing $5500 for four people, staying on Makepeace would only be in the budget of a select few.

But for the hefty price tag, you get all meals prepared by the island's executive chef and use of all accommodation types, including Sir Richard Branson's private villa.

Justin Bieber's next stop on his Australia tour is Sydney, where he will appear on Wednesday night.

It was reported the 23-year-old planned to tour the Sunshine Coast on two wheels before heading off to Sydney for his next show.

Here's our pick of places he may visit.

Five things Justin Bieber must do before leaving the Coast:

Australia Zoo. It seems only natural Justin Bieber would take a trip to Australia Zoo and spend some time with the Irwins and the animals before heading off. After all, Oprah's been there, Russell Crowe and a long list of celebrities over the years.

Noosa National Park and A-Bay. Justin Bieber made headlines when he took it all off for a swim at Bora Bora in 2015. He might want to be careful at Noosa's "unofficial nude beach" though. He could end up getting slapped with a fine by police.

The Biebs learnt how to scuba dive in 2010. So if he is really serious about seeing the best dive sites in the world, you would have to think he would make time for a quick trip to explore the sights on the HMAS Brisbane. But he'd better be quick with bad weather coming soon.

Ok, so he can eat probably anything he likes at Makepeace Island. But with his favourite food listed as "spaghetti and meatballs", Biebs might want to give Amici a visit in Caloundra. It's rated on TripAdvisor as the best for Italian on the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Castle at Bli Bli. We all know many people are Beliebers that the Canadian born pop star is a cut above the rest. So go on, Justin, visit the castle. You can even put in offer and buy it.