Fresh white makes colours and greenery pop.
Fresh white makes colours and greenery pop. The Jungalow,

White on the money, decorators

I POPPED into a friend's house the other day. He was midway through painting the interiors of his home. When I inquired as to the colour he had chosen he said it was to be antique white throughout. A colour I know well, as I've personally painted two houses entirely in antique white.

The thing about white walls is they enhance all decor colours, plus artworks, greenery and natural wood. All-white rooms also provide a clean, fresh backdrop for some clever play with accents. As the weather warms up consider punctuating cool, crisp interiors with accessories in bold, striking colours that will energise your home.

While white walls are not the most practical choice they offer a springboard for a wide variety of accents to take a room in any direction. For a feature accent that can be routinely updated, opt for fresh plants or flowers. For a bolder look, add specimen plants to create an indoor garden.

All-white interiors also allow for some serious creativity, but consider adding more than one accent colour scheme to carry the space. Choose complementary colours such as green and pink or green and blue, or the on-trend highlight of navy/royal blue.

An all-white backdrop is also the perfect blank canvas to display your favourite cluster of art pieces. With such a simple background, groupings work together no matter what their colour schemes, shapes or style. Timber also looks sensational against white and can be a great way to warm up a mostly white room.